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We call ourselves Those Guys Print because our name isn't what matters most to us; it's your name.

Those Guys Print provides custom apparel for you, nation wide, in a way that is different from most clothing print shops. Full service, attentive and detail oriented; we don't confine you into a system that suits us. We adapt to you. Whatever you need, just tell us, and we'll find a way to get it to you.

Custom Clothing Ordering Can be Better Than Painless, it Can be Downright Enjoyable, Here's How: 

If you already know what you need and have your design ready, use our design tool and save. Custom shirts and more can be made at any time, orders processed immediately.

If at any point you need additional help, you don’t have to struggle with trying to figure it out. We provide a simpler way: just message us and we will take care of it for you.  

We provide guidance and services where needed at a depth beyond what big-box retailers can provide. The big companies design their businesses to ensure they get what they want. Those Guys Print focuses on getting you what you want, how you want, when you want and not having to overpay to do it.

For Businesses and Non Profits

Has your custom clothing company ever talked about how your clothing fits into your marketing strategy? Have they ever offered to listen and learn about your marketing plan, or your business goals? Our full service approach includes free consulting on how color, texture and positioning on the garment impacts people’s reaction to your business, and your dream.

Are you tired of dealing with people that don’t care? We love what we do! We respond quickly, are easily accessible and friendly whenever you email or call us. We want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible while we tackle your needs.

Do you have a busy schedule? We even provide follow up services, so when you’re juggling a dozen spinning plates of awesomeness, you don’t have to also remember to reorder clothing for your employees or events. Design it yourself, or message us now.

For Individuals and Small Groups

For dance crews: do you have a dance crew that needs to look their best? You focus on winning, we’ll focus on making you look like winners, use our design tool or message us to get started.

For sports teams: Middle School, High School, College or Company Teams all need to look good with custom jerseys and more, beyond that there are concerns over budget, timing, small orders and more. This can weigh on you heavily. You focus on what's great about being part of a team, we'll make the rest as easy as possible with state of the art dye sublimation, tack and twill services as well as free design assistance. Visit our team apparel page to get started.

For Teachers with clubs and teams: Do you run a math league, or other school group that needs custom shirts, hats and more? We can make sure your kids feel confident and special while coming in under budget and ahead of schedule. No headaches, just quick and easy service that cares about your dream: helping kids become happy adults. Start now with our design tool, or just message us to get started.

Whatever your dream is, it deserves to be seen, and here at Those Guys Print, we love doing our part to make that happen.

For Everyone

Fast Shipping with guaranteed delivery

Unmatched garment print and embroidery quality

Fast, friendly, accurate and affordable

Call, message or use our design tool and get your dream seen today

Our Story Begins with Exceeding the Minimum

How we got started 

We've been friends since high school football. Early on we enjoyed helping promote non-profit causes and raising money for our team. We loved the way wearing a great looking custom shirt would spark up conversations with people. They were great ice breakers and allowed us to spread the word about our causes.

We loved it so much we would always volunteer to handle getting promotional clothing and custom jerseys for our groups. To be honest, most coordinators hated the process and once we proved we could handle it, they gave us the task eagerly.

Have you ever had to deal with missed deadlines, incorrect orders, over-charging and worst of all: no one really listening when you need help?

So did we. After many nightmarish headaches, we wondered if we could just make the clothing ourselves. It took a while but eventually we were able to provide our groups with custom hats and shirts. Once we had perfected the system, we started making custom jerseys. To our surprise: word got out. We started getting requests from small restaraunts, family businesses and anyone looking for a true stress-free and personal experience.

In time we streamlined the production phases to lower our overhead, achieving better quality at a lower price. We took out the guess work with better communication so orders were completed faster.

Perhaps most importantly, we integrated art and design to capture the right feeling in your project, making lifestyle clothing for promotional project that people wear around town with pride where everyone can see.

What started as two kids in Somers, NY trying to help with something frustrating, became a business serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and recently most of America.

We're those guys who are passionate about answering the question: doesn't your dream deserve to be seen?

Yes, and we can help. No surprises, no delays: ever.

Just message or call us about your project and we'll take care of the rest. It's that easy.”

-Steve and Dave, founders of Those Guys Print.

What to Expect From Those Guys Print

When ordering through ThoseGuysPrint, you'll never be surprised with hidden costs or fees. The price you see is the price you pay, unless you opt to change products, increase quantity, or if you choose additional options. Even then, we always tell you the full cost, before you checkout.

We have hundreds of templates available for you to choose and design. Or, we'll work with you on designing a final product that matches your image and vision. If you know exactly what kind of design you'd like, or you've created your own, we're more than happy to use that design for your final product, and make it easy for you to upload your design using our state-of-the-art design tool.

At ThoseGuysPrint, we attribute our success to a simple formula: Combine high quality products with eco-friendly practices while making sure your order is delivered to you exactly when you need it, exactly as you expected it.

Come experience the personal difference with Those Guys! Those Guys are your guys for all your custom apparel needs.

Your dream deserves to be seen!

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